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Swiss beef asado rib

Also called fore rib, top rib, or short ribs in American English.

Typical Argentinian barbecue steak.

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tiefgekuehlt Frozen

Storage Frozen food: store at -18 ° C or colder. In the refrigerator at a maximum of 5 ° C
Origin Switzerland
Ageing Wet aged
Breeding Indoor housing
Breed Simmental-, Limousin-, Angus crossbreeds
Feeding Grass-corn silage and grain mixture

Swiss beef comes from one to two years old male or female animals. The meat is marbled, which means that small fat deposits are visible in the muscles. The marbling is a characteristic quality feature. Depending on age and breed, the structure of the muscle fibres differs. Beef has a light to bright red colour. Rosy on the inside and crispy brown on the outside – for many meat lovers, beef is the highest of highs. You can prepare classic dishes with the inexpensive cuts from the forequarter by stewing or braising them. The cuts from the hindquarter are primal cuts and are mainly sautéed.

A piece of Switzerland

In the Swiss pastures, many family farmers turn natural resources into valuable foods, take care of our landscape and provide a healthy biodiversity.

Animal welfare

Animal-friendly livestock farming plays an important role in Switzerland and is protected by law. 80% of livestock farmers voluntarily adhere to even stricter norms.

Natural feeding

Livestock is fed with environmentally friendly and exclusively GMO-free forage, of which 85% comes from Switzerland. Hormones and antibiotics are not allowed as growth promoters.

Animal-friendly transport

Switzerland has the world's strictest animal transport law. This means less stress for the animals and therefore better meat quality.

Safe food

Swiss meat deserves your trust. The products can be traced back to the farm, Switzerland is widely free of disease and strict laws provide for a safe meat production on all levels.

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Energy value:
Energy in kcal 130
Energy in kJ 546

Main nutrients:
Fat 5g
Carbohydrate 1g
Protein 20g
Water 74g

Nutrient content per 100 g edible portion

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