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Kettyle dry aged Delmonico

Dry Aged Prime Rib Steak is cut from the marbled core of the young heifers' rib, after which the meat has matured on the bone for four to eight weeks. Prime Rib comes from the first rib and comes with bones. The prime rib steak is sometimes called a delmonico steak.
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tiefgekuehlt Frozen

Storage Frozen food: store at -18 ° C or colder. In the refrigerator at a maximum of 5 ° C
Origin Ireland / United Kingdom
Ageing Aged 28 days on the bone
Breeding Grazing
Breed European breed
Feeding Grass

Irish beef is the green island for meat lovers. The lush Irish grass and the best genetic preconditions of the cattle are reflected in the meat quality. The meat is very tender and succulent.

With these cattle, pure grass feeding leads to a high level of marbling. The ideal climatic conditions Irelands allow to keep the cattle outside from March to October. The high air humidity keeps the grass green and lush, making it an ideal feeding basis.

  • Natural breeding
  • strict quality control
  • excellent meat taste
  • sustainability
  • low CO2-consumption, as the goods are exclusively transported to Switzerland by road and not by air
These fine cuts with bone are not only delicious in taste, they also convince with their special maturing process using Irish salt and seaweed. Dry Aged Beef – Kettyle hand selected is like all fine natural food – there are a multitude of critical phases in its life cycle. Mastering and controlling these critical phases are the special task and handicraft of the Kettyle company.

It took them many years to perfect the dry ageing process. The choice quality beef matures in special climatized chambers with controlled atmosphere and air humidity until the dry agers – as these experts are called – release the meat in optimal dry age quality for further processing. They are living their passion.

   Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

  • Kann man auch grössere Zuschnitte vom Delmonico oder T-Bone Kettyle kriegen?

    Nein die sind so fix hinterlegt und werden so produziert als Singles Cut, wenn du ein grössere T-Bone willst, kannst du das Porterhouse nehmen von Kettyle, dort hast du einen grössere Grammatur.
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Energy value:
Energy in kcal 138
Energy in kJ 579

Main nutrients:
Fat 5.4g
Protein 21.4g
Water 72g
Others 1.2g

Nutrient content per 100 g edible portion

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